Innovation In Music


Innovation In Music (InMusic) is an international music industry conference which brings together researchers and professionals interested in the future of the music industry, from the artist through to the consumer. The 2017 conference included keynote lectures and panel sessions with award winning music industry professionals including Imogen Heap, Talvin Singh, Mandy Parnell, Peter Oxendale and Ken Scott. InMusic19 included international producer Trevor Horn amongst other speakers which can be viewed at

Music Production Education Conference


MPEC 2020 is the second conference for the study of Music Production & Technology pedagogy. MPEC provides a forum for the discussion and analysis of teaching and learning in music production & technology in Further and Higher Education.

The conference offers lively debate and stimulating presentations, which address issues of the place of music production within the broader context of the performing arts sector, research and professional communities.

The second conference benefits from a partnership with the Perspective On Music Production series of books with Routledge*. A proceedings book will be published in mid-2021 with selected chapters from the conference (*subject to contract).

AES (UK) Mastering Conference


A new group has been formed within AES UK to provide a forum for professionals, researchers and innovators to discuss developments and requirements related to mastering audio.

It is the intention of the group to give a platform for the mastering community to discuss, guide and take part in the changes afoot in the industry. To take an active, leading and inclusive approach to the developments ahead.

Given the ever-changing requirements placed upon the mastering engineer, the group intends to expose high quality, high resolution audio outcomes. This is not to exclude other valid forms of music delivery but to promote and support a greater passion for listening.

If you are interested in working with the group, proposing a workshop event, or a product appraisal event in 2019, please contact

AES Mastering Group foci:

● Promotion of good practice in audio analysis and comparative evaluation of audio/processing.

● Expose high quality audio delivery to a wide audience.

● Promote and support technical standards in high quality playback models and delivery systems

● UK mastering focused events

● bi-annual AES UK Mastering Conference - see the website for more details